If your website
isn’t doing its job,
don’t fire it.

Give it a makeover.

Your website has a job

Just like an employee, your website has a job. It has to be an ambassador for your business, tell your story, support your brand, attract the right kinds of visitors, get them to engage with you and even sell your stuff.

But ultimately, your website can do only two things for you that you can reliably measure:

  • people connect with you; and/or
  • you sell your stuff.

If your website is not doing its job, you’re paying for something you’re not getting value for. But it could be worse — your website could be hurting your business.

There are 6 common signs that your website is not doing its job — and may even be hurting your business. Download the free assessment tool to rate your website.

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A great website does its job - and more

A website that works for your business delivers on the things it’s supposed to: people connect with you, and/or you sell your stuff. It attracts your ideal clients and sends others away. They can see the problems you help them solve, and why you’re the best choice for them.

But websites that work well do more:

  • They’re super fast and work as well on a desktop as they do on tablets and mobile phones (this is called responsive design).
  • They’re easy to maintain — in fact, you’re able to make most modifications yourself and not have to wait for a developer to do it for you.
  • They’re SEO-friendly, helping you rank well in your local (and international) searches without having to get a master’s degree in SEO.
  • They’re safe and worry-free, with built-in security, backups and everything you need to recover from a disaster.

If that sounds like something you could use, you may be ready for a Website Makeover.

Introducing the Website Makeover

With a Website Makeover you get a new website designed from the ground up to do its job. A journey designed to get potential customers to the information they need. Compelling reasons to connect with you. A website that looks great on desktop, mobile and tablet. And oh yes, super fast too.

The best part? You get it in as little as a week. And at a fraction of the cost of a new website design. And you learn how to maintain it yourself so you never have to wait for a developer to do it for you.

The magic is in the combination of business expertise, design sense and co-creative process built into a Website Makeover. You get a website built on business sense, designed to delight and always true to who you are.

The process is designed to rapidly deliver small steps at a time. You tell me what you want the world to see, and I drive the process, technology and design. No spoon-feeding involved.

The end result is a website that does its job—and you can be proud of.

This has been the most painless way to get a beautiful and effective website that our clients respond to. We love being able to add our own events - and even make changes ourselves. Thanks Neville!
- Klaus Hofer, Principal, Usability Mapping, Canada

Are you ready for a Website Makeover?

I work with business owners around the world to make over their websites — from my home town of Calgary through New York to as far as Sydney, Australia. I’ve worked with business consultants and coaches, life coaches, chemists, safety specialists, fitness specialists, interior designers and more — in short, anyone who provides a service to their clients.

This is for you if:

  • you’re frustrated with your website and you need it to do more for your business;
  • you know what your business is about;
  • you have a brand (at least a logo); and
  • your website is primarily for marketing purposes (you don’t need it to run complicated applications).

This is NOT for you if:

  • you’re not clear about who you are and what you do;
  • you don’t have at least the basics of a brand (at least a logo or word mark); or
  • you need your website to do more complicated stuff, like run an application.

If you’re not sure if this is right for you, ask me.

How it works

Every Website Makeover starts with a questionnaire and review of your website. If I think I can help, we schedule a call to discuss, and if all looks good we organise payment and kick off the makeover.
I would never have been able to develop a website as fast, that looks this good, on my own. Working with Neville has been an absolute pleasure.
- Anthony English, Business Coach, Australia

You’ll get a detailed Website Makeover Playbook that covers the following steps in detail:

  • Whiteboard design: We use an online whiteboard to design the structure of your website. I turn the design into a working outline using placeholders for text and images.
  • Structure review and draft copy: We review the structure of the website and discuss the copy (text) that goes into the website. I draft the copy (text) for the website.
  • Final copy, images and fine-tuning: We review and fine-tune the copy. I add images (if you have them, great) and we fine-tune the design.
  • Training, handover and go-live: I train you on how to maintain the website and do the technical bits to take your new website live.

But I don’t disappear when I’ve handed it over - you have unlimited email support. If you’re in a bind, I can help you fix problems, usually for free.

The details

Stuff you must know:

Website Makeovers start at USD$2,500 based on the stage and size of your business as well as the size and complexity of your website. I will give you an exact price after reviewing your website and discussing what you need.

Website platform and Hosting: your website will be built on Squarespace and hosted on their servers. Check out their full feature set here.

Ongoing costs: You will have to sign up for a Squarespace Business account which will cost you USD$26 per month or USD$216 per year (check their current pricing here). This includes hosting, SSL (security), and backups.

Support: I provide unlimited email support and the occasional fix for free. However, my goal is to get you self-sufficient, so I’m going to teach you how to do most stuff yourself.

Limited availability: I do a limited number of Website Makeovers every year. Grab a spot while you can.

People also ask:

What makes this so special? There’s 30 years of business experience behind the design. And a unique process designed to avoid chasing shiny stuff before we get the basics right.

Does it really take a week? It can - it just depends on how busy we both are for the joint design and review sessions. Most Website Makeovers are done in 2 to 3 weeks.

What about my old website? I’ll take care of the technical details to transfer from your old website to the new one. You may want to make a copy of the old one for sentimental reasons.

Do you do Wordpress? No. If you need something more than Squarespace can offer, I know some great people I can refer you to.

Do you do brand design? No, but I can refer you to some of the best in the industry.

Can I have a blog? Yes. I will set it up for you and show you how to add blog posts.

What about SEO? I will set up basic SEO for each page. If you need more, I know a guy…