Email Marketing 101

Five set-it-and-forget-it recipes with step-by-step instructions to get started fast—even if you’re a total beginner (or technically challenged).

Email is hands down the best way to stay in touch, build trust, nurture your leads and be top of mind when they’re ready to buy.

But how do you get started, especially if you’re new to the game? Or technically challenged? Never mind having to take time out from all the other things you have to do?

You can of course choose to do nothing
And then you’ve lost the opportunity to speak to them directly. All your leads will dry up, never hearing from you again, and only occasionally seeing you on some social media platform.

You can’t do it manually
Ever try sending an email to 100 people, or a thousand? If you have, you will know you need a system. But there’s so many out there, which do you choose? And how do you get over the learning curve?

It seems so easy…
But when you start getting into it you find out there’s way more complexity than you ever imagined. And pretty soon you’re drowning in forms, landing pages, broadcasts, automations, trigger links…

Now there’s an easier way to get started.

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Don't know what email marketing is about?

What better way to learn about email marketing than an email course about, well... email marketing?

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  4. Do I have to become a writer, or a tech nerd?
  5. How much work is it, and how much does it cost?

For anyone who is curious about email marketing and why it's one of the best things you can do for your business (and yourself). No technology expertise required.

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James Compton
James Compton, Portugal

“When I came across this Email marketing course, the first thing I thought is “Not yet another email marketing course, there are so many out there.” But then when I looked more closely into what it was offering I realised it solved a problem I’ve been battling with for years. I wanted something that easily helped me create a good customer journey that would bring potential customers closer to me, rather than just sent emails that were full of marketing speak and selling agendas.

This is precisely what this course did for me, and the result was that I actually created more value for my customers after they’d downloaded my materials, and even had some people personally respond to the email sequences with complements about the email content.

This idea really personalised email marketing and took it to another level for me - and I felt that I could be myself in my communication.

What I also really enjoyed about this course is the technical guidance in implementing the steps. I’m a technical guy so I could work it out, but it’s just one more thing to have to work out. And email marketing tools are just full of so many moving parts. It’s so much easier if someone can just guide you through the steps, and this is exactly what this did for me.”

Introducing Email Marketing 101

Learn the fundamentals of email marketing and 5 ways to start building your email list, send a newsletter, announce upcoming products, services or events, and sell your products and services.

The biggest benefit of email marketing is automation. Once you set it up, it can run (mostly) unattended, so you have more time to focus on the other stuff that matters.

Set it and forget it

Implement a recipe once and it runs until you turn it off. Your leads and clients get a better experience and you save yourself a ton of time. The little bit of housekeeping (for two of the recipes) is still a lot less than doing it manually.

A practical, how-do-I-do-this course

Start with the fundamentals (the very minimum you need to understand) and decide where to start. Then it’s all about “how do I do XYZ”—practical, step-by-step guides and checklists to make sure you get it done right.

Get it right—the first time

Watch the video walkthroughs to see exactly how it’s done. Then use the unique checklists to make sure you do every step right the first time. And when you need to do it again—whip out the checklist to help you do it right.

For coaches, consultants, freelancers, designers, …

Whether you’re selling online or delivering your services IRL (or both).
Email marketing is not just for people who sell online.

It’s for anyone who needs to:

  • spend less time on low-quality leads
  • build trust and establish authority
  • stay in touch with (potential) clients
  • announce new products or services
  • sell products or services

…knowing that it’s all happening automatically so you can spend more time on other stuff.

And you don’t need to be a techno-wizard, either
In fact I’ve designed this course for total beginners—and the technically challenged. If you can browse the Internet, you can use this course to get started with email marketing.

Doug Hartley
Doug Hartley, Canada

“I have often told Neville that I’m by far, the best crash-test dummy he could possibly have. If I can understand it, anybody can. I’m just that clueless when it comes to computers, using software and all that other fancy stuff.

When asked if would volunteer to beta test the email marketing course, I readily agreed. After all, Neville has been an absolute Godsend helping me out with stuff. So, with a substantial amount of fear combined with the anticipation of terror-filled panic attacks to come, I started.

Whoa, to my great surprise and relief, I could understand the step-by-step instructions! My mind didn’t go totally blank and that’s a first. In fact, as I went along, I gave myself little pats on the back for just understanding the directions. And, for a computer software crash-test dummy like me, that’s huge.

The instructions were clear, and the accompanying videos helped a lot, too. I had to replay them a few times, but I got it. I really got it. The little checkboxes helped as well because I could pick up from where I had left off earlier. But, best of all, I didn’t freak out! That alone is worth a ton of gold to a guy like me.

Would I recommend Neville’s email marketing program? Yup, you bet! If I can understand and enjoy it, it’s guaranteed you will too.”

How it works

Cartoon of a man looking at a collection of gears labelled fun, team, manage
No long-winded theory. Just watch and do, with detailed checklists to make sure you get it right.

After you purchase the course, there's only 3 steps:

  1. Follow the instructions to create your ConvertKit account
  2. Pick a recipe (see below)
  3. Watch the video walkthroughs, then use the detailed checklists to do it yourself.

And you're off and running! And you can add another recipe, and another, and another...

Five recipes to get started fast

Start with the fundamentals. Then choose what you want to do, follow along in the video walkthroughs and use the checklist to get it done right—and fast.
Introduction, fundamentals and getting started

Create your account and set up payments (if you will be selling online). Add yourself as a test subscriber. Add subscribers manually. About 30 minutes to complete.

recipe 1 get new subscribers with a lead magnet

How do you get subscribers on your list? Create a landing page, connect it to your Lead Magnet and welcome them after they downloaded it. Total time required: 45-60 minutes.

recipe 2 nurture your leads

How do you build trust, establish your authority and nurture your leads? Set up an Evergreen Newsletter. Ensure everyone gets it. Add content when you have it. One-time setup 4-6 hours. New subscribers get a great experience—whenever they join.

Recipe 3 automated online sales

How do you start building passive income? Set up your product. Set up your product sales pages. Get paid. Say thanks when they purchased. One-time setup 2-3 hours; sales emails: 6-8 hours; launch 1 hour. Hands-off passive income forever.

recipe 4 free webinars and workshops

Free webinars and workshops are a great way to educate and promote your products and services. Set it up once, run as many workshops as you like. 4-6 hours one-time setup; less than 30 minutes to launch a new workshop; 15 minutes after each workshop. Then launch the next one.

Recipe 5 sell subscriptions to seasonal content

How do you sell a subscription to (seasonal) content? Set up your subscription product. Set up your sales pages. Get paid. Send your seasonal content. Time required: 2 hours setup + the time required to create your content.

But wait—they already offer training! Why this course?

I’ve watched newcomers and technically challenged people try to get to grips with email marketing, and I’ve seen the same problems come up time and time again:

  • I don’t have a lot of time. What’s the quickest way to get this done?
  • I don’t see a recipe for what I want to do. I don’t just want a landing page. I want a landing page, deliver a lead magnet and say thanks when they’ve downloaded and then add them to my newsletter.
  • I tried it and it doesn’t work. How do I fix it?
  • I’ve forgotten how to do it.

As good as your email marketing platform’s training is, they don’t seem to solve these problems.

So I designed this course specifically to:

  • Get stuff done fast. You only have to learn what you need to get the job done.
  • Get specific things done, from beginning to end. This course contains 5 recipes for getting very specific things done.
  • Get it right the first time. Video walkthroughs to see how it’s done, and checklists to make sure you get all the steps right.
  • Checklists so you can do it again. The same checklists you used to do something the first time, will help you do it again, even if you come back to it months later.

But can’t I just use the online training?
Of course you can. If you’re technically astute and you’re willing to get to know the intricacies and oddities of your platform of choice, you can learn to do it.

But if you’re looking to get stuff done fast, right and move on—this course is designed to do exactly that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which email marketing system is this for?
ConvertKit. Check out their website here.

I have no subscribers. Is this course for me?
Absolutely. The sooner you start the better, and you don’t need any prior knowledge to start.

Which email marketing system do you use?
ConvertKit. In fact, if you sign up or download anything from my website, there’s a ConvertKit form or automation at work in the background.

I don’t see the recipe for what I need to do
Tell me what you want to do. I may add it to this course, or it may be part of a more advanced one.

Will this work for other platforms, like Drip or MailChimp?
No. The principles of email marketing is the same irrespective of which platform you use, but the terminology, examples and checklists in this course are for ConvertKit specifically.

I already have an email list. Should I switch?
If your current email marketing system works for you, stick with it. But if you’re not using it, or it’s too difficult to use or not working for you, I can recommend ConvertKit. If you’re not sure, ask me.

For how long do I have access to the course?
Lifetime. Start when you want, come back when you need to.

How much does ConvertKit cost?
There’s a 2 week free trial to get started. To do the stuff in this course, you will have to sign up for a Creator plan which includes visual automations and sequences. At the time of writing this plan is $15 per month. Check the current pricing here.

Do you make money from ConvertKit?
If you sign up to a ConvertKit account using one of my affiliate links, I get a small commission. But you’re welcome to sign up straight from their website.

Juergen Bremer, Germany
Jürgen Bremer, Germany

“The idea of passive income is good, however, many of these promises only lead to income for the providers. That's why I was skeptical at first when I heard about the Email Marketing 101 course.

I had already looked into the Tornado Method and consider Neville to be a very professional and serious person. That's why I decided to take the course.

After working through the course, I’m very glad I did it. I now understand what is meant by passive income when this term comes from serious providers.

I learned in the course how email marketing works, what are the advantages of professional email marketing and what are the advantages of marketing automation.

I especially liked Neville focusing on the essentials in the course (instead of getting stuck in technical details). Among other things, he has prepared content and work-flows that we students just need to download and use. This allowed me to focus more on what I actually need to do myself, which is to bring in my personal content. Having an example that I can use to implement my content has the added advantage that once I have seen in detail how it works, I understand it and can implement it myself much more easily the next time.

Really helpful are the checklists provided with every lesson and the estimated time need to complete the work. This is not only valuable in assisting to go step by step through the processes. It was also a good help in planning my days when taking lessons - to see before starting, what is coming ahead and how much time I should plan for this.

Beyond the course content, Neville always gives pointers in side sentences throughout the lessons. This gave me a better understanding of what a good lead magnet is, what makes an online course good and how to integrate these with email marketing to make it work.

Developing email sequences for marketing and automation becomes a no-brainer with this course. Of course Britewrx can't create the content for me, but structuring the campaigns according to his knitting patterns makes it decidedly easier.

I highly recommend taking the course. Not only to those who are new to building their email marketing. Also to those who are not fully satisfied with their email marketing and want to improve.”

The 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee

I’m proud of what I do and the quality of the content and courses I build. Even so, there’s a chance this may not be the right course for you. So here’s the deal:

If you decide that this course is not for you, let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund your money in full. No questions asked.

(OK, so I may ask you what went wrong, but that’s not because I want you to buy something you don’t want or need—it’s just so I can improve how I present things so people don’t get the wrong impression.)

Goodies included in the Plus version of this course…

Number 1

Your First 10 Emails

Follow these exact steps to craft your first two welcome emails and the eight that follow to establish your expertise and authority. Plus the exact method I use to generate ideas for email marketing, and tips on what to do (and what not).
28-page PDF. Available independently for $39. Included in the Plus version of this course.
Number 2

All the emails from this course

Get inspiration for your own emails (and steal like an artist) with the full text (and explanatory notes) of all the emails I use to promote, announce and sell this course.  Over 5,000 words in 16 emails.
38-page PDF. Only available in the Plus version of the course. Not available independently.
Number 3

3 months in The Boardroom

Join our online community and get answers to your email marketing questions fast. A safe place for introverts, our motto is be kind, be helpful or begone. If you can help others, please do—you will find that others are happy to share their expertise and experience.
Three months access included with the Plus version of this course. Regular access $297 per year.
Michael Dargie
Michael Dargie, Canada

“I had been putting off learning about email marketing because it seemed needlessly complicated and stupid. I knew that it was powerful (and that I really, really needed to get better at lead nurturing), but I just couldn’t be bothered with all of the theory and jumping-through-hoops other courses would have me do.

I‘ve known Neville for a long time, and when he asked me to beta test the course I thought “what could I lose?” And boy, nothing lost—but a lot gained!

Pick a recipe. Watch how it’s done. Do it yourself. Bam—it’s done. Quick and almost too easy—could it really be that simple? I’m not an expert yet, but I can already see how this is going to make my next project sooo much easier—running courses and webinars on a regular basis. Hello, recipe 4.

Neville has a knack for making the most confusing subjects easy to understand and showing us not just how to use stuff, but why we should use it. 10/10 for content, delivery, and jaunty intro music.”

Michael Dargie
MD&A Inc.LinkedIn

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Step-by-step video walkthroughs


Recipe checklists


Lifetime access to the course


Your first 10 emails (PDF)


The full text of my marketing emails


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