More business, less managing

SoloBOSS is an app that helps solopreneurs manage their business in one place. The home page gives you a single, clear picture of everything that’s happening in your business (a dashboard), and details when you need it.

Every solopreneur struggles with similar problems:

  • Stressed out because you feel you're missing something?
  • Ever lost a lead because you forgot to follow up?
  • Too busy to see that dip in your revenue forecast?
  • Most tools are overkill - I have to "feed the beast"!
  • Notes, bookmarks and tasks spread out all over the place?
  • Ever forget to follow up with a client when you promised to?

SoloBOSS is designed to solve those problems, so you can focus on business, not managing it.

Business Dashboard

‣ Everything important at a glance
‣ Fully customizable

Daily Routines

‣ Based on Getting Things Done – Process, Plan, Focus
‣ Plan your Tasks, Clients & Projects in one place

Minimalist CRM

‣ Contacts
‣ Sales funnel
‣ Client portals

LinkedIn Marketing

‣ AI-assisted content strategy
‣ 60+ post inspirations
‣ Calendar-based scheduling

Invoice Tracking & Revenue Forecast

‣ Never forget to invoice – or to collect.
‣ See revenue low spots before they happen.
...and more
Who this is for

SoloBOSS is for all solopreneurs who provide a service to their clients

You may call yourself a coach, consultant, creator, marketer, trainer, SEO expert, entrepreneur... If you provide a service to your clients, SoloBOSS is for you.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • We work mostly alone (perhaps with a VA or assistant, or subcontractors).
  • We sell (mainly) services.
  • We work with tens of clients a year (not hundreds or thousands).
  • We need things to be as simple as possible.
  • Time and focus are our most precious resources.

If that sounds like you, welcome to the tribe.

Screenshot of the SoloBOSS Leads and Clients page

Everything you need to run a solopreneur business

A collection of walk-through videos to show you how SoloBOSS works.

The investment and the reward

The investment

SoloBOSS is not a magic wand that will solve all your problems. It's for solopreneurs who are serious about running their business well. If you're willing to make the commitment, and go through the learning curves, you will get the benefits.


The commitment: Getting the benefits from SoloBOSS is like going to the gym—if you don't actually use it (or do it), you won't get the benefits.


Learning curve 1: SoloBOSS is designed to be easy to use, but there is a learning curve. Don't expect to get all the benefits on day one.


Learning curve 2: SoloBOSS is built on Notion, which has its own peculiarities. The Notion 101 course (included) will teach you everything you need to know.

If you're just curious to see if SoloBOSS will solve your problems for you, it probably won't. You only get the benefits if you commit to using it. Just like going to the gym.

This is why there's no money-back guarantee.

The reward


You always know what's going on in your business
The dashboard tells you everything you need to know, and where to focus next.


You never forget to follow up or deliver on promises
Action dates remind you when you need to. And haunt you until you do.


No more unexpected revenue lows
The revenue forecast tell you what the future looks like.


Less stress, more calm
Better work, happier clients, more joy doing what you love.


Solve problems faster
Someone in The Boardroom has been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.


Better business, better life
More revenue, higher profit margins. More time to enjoy life.

Ultimately, it's about making meaning. And money. And having fun while you're at it.


You're not alone

The Boardroom is our community, knowledge base and learning hub for solopreneurs. Learn how to get the most from SoloBOSS, connect with other solopreneurs, ask and answer questions, grow your business and join us in weekly live calls.

SoloBOSS How-To Library

A growing collection (23 and counting) of video walk-throughs, best practices and step-by-step instructions.

Ask the Community

An online forum where you can ask and answer questions (about anything). Our motto: be kind, be helpful or be gone.

Live calls

AMA (Ask Me Anything) or specific topics you need help with. Time zone friendly.

Members-only goodies

A growing library of mini courses, templates, cheat sheets and checklists. Free for members only.
Screenshot of The Boardroom

Other things you may want to know about

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Let me know.
Is there a money-back guarantee?

No - here's why.

Typically, there are 2 reasons why you would want a guarantee:

I'm not sure it will work for me
Here's the most important thing: to make SoloBOSS work for you, you have to commit to using it. Every day.

SoloBOSS is for solopreneurs who are serious about managing their businesses well. It requires an investment in time and effort to get through the learning curves, adapt it for your needs, and make it part of how you run your business.

If you're not sure you can make that commitment, please don't buy SoloBOSS.

I'm not sure of the quality of the product or support
If you've seen any of my newsletters or products, you know that I put an extraordinary amount of work into making sure everything is world class. I'm also in The Boardroom multiple times a day to make sure every question has an answer.

Kind people have said nice things about me and my products—read the testimonials above, and the recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.

If you're not sure of the quality of the product or support, please don't buy SoloBOSS.

Do I need to know Notion?

In short, yes - but you don't need to know a lot. If you can drive a spreadsheet, you can learn to use Notion.

If you're completely new to Notion, the Notion 101 course (included with SoloBOSS) will teach you what you need to know.

Do I need a paid Notion account?

The free Notion account is very generous and should work for most solopreneurs. If you want to add members to your team, or store large files, a paid account will be required. (Their pricing is really easy to justify.)

Does this include lifetime access?

When you purchase SoloBOSS, you get your own personal copy which becomes yours for life. You also get lifetime access to the SoloBOSS sections of The Boardroom, and free updates for life.

You also get 1 year access to The Boardroom, our support, knowledge base, learning and community hub. After that there is a monthly or yearly subscription fee to The Boardroom.

Is there email or phone support?

No, but you can ask questions in The Boardroom any time. I am there multiple times a day and answer all questions. You will also get help from other solopreneurs on the same journey as you are.

Does LinkedIn Marketing automatically post to LinkedIn?

No - you have to do that manually. I've found that the actual posting is a very small part of the content creation process, and if you prepare 3-5 posts ready to publish, the actual publishing on LinkedIn is fast and easy.

Does my business have to be up and running?

No - but you should be serious about building it. SoloBOSS is primarily designed to help solopreneurs run their businesses. There are no starting-a-business bits in there (yet!).

What about updates?

One of the few downsides of Notion is that once you have your copy of SoloBOSS, it's no longer connected to the master version. Any changes I make in future versions won't show up in your copy.

Future updates are completely optional. Here's how I will handle them:

Minor updates:
Walk-through videos and step-by-step checklists will show you how to make the changes to your own version.

New modules:
I've designed SoloBOSS so that each "module" (for example, Leads & Clients) is self-contained. If (when!) I make additions, these will be easy to add to your SoloBOSS.

What about cost of updates?
The initial purchase cost of SoloBOSS includes lifetime free access to any updates or additions.

Will SoloBOSS replace my accounting system?

No – SoloBOSS will not replace your accounting system. The Invoice Tracking and Revenue Forecasting features will help you keep track of when you need to send invoices, track payments and forecast your incoming revenue. (Take a close look at the Invoice Tracking and Revenue Forecast details above.)


Invest in your business—and yourself

SoloBOSS with lifetime support and updates

Your own personal copy—for life. Includes lifetime access to the SoloBOSS sections of The Boardroom with how-to videos, checklists, updates and support.

12 months access to The Boardroom

Join other solopreneurs on the same journey. Learn, ask questions, join live events. And of course, free goodies! 🎁

Bonus 1: LinkedIn Marketing module

I've seen products like this retail for $150. This one is better, with an AI-assisted content strategy so you're always relevant.

Bonus 2: Notion 101 course

Everything you need to know to make the most from SoloBOSS. Even if you know nothing about Notion today.


price in US$, valid until 31 May 2024
Daily Routines
Sales Funnel, Leads & Clients
Client Portals
Invoice & Revenue Tracking
Project Management
Task Management
Journal & Habit Tracking
Notes & Bookmarks
Team Delegation
Built-in help
LinkedIn Marketing
Notion 101 Course
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About me

About me, and why I built SoloBOSS

Me and Diego the Dawg in 2019
Me and Diego the Dawg in 2019.

Hello! 👋  My name is Neville Chamberlain, and I built SoloBOSS.

I've been told I can waffle on (it's true), so I've cunningly disguised the long text below in collapsible boxes. I'm including this for two reasons:

  • The smaller the business, the more confidence we have to have in the individuals behind it. So this is me, warts, scars and all.
  • I didn't build SoloBOSS just because I thought it was a great idea (of course I do). There's a bigger story behind it.

This should help you make an informed decision about SoloBOSS.

Why I built SoloBOSS

SoloBOSS started out as something I needed to run my own business and life. I've been a solopreneur since 2011, and as my business matured, I was able to spend more time improving (not just surviving). SoloBOSS is one of the results.

But there's a bigger reason.

I've gone through pretty much the same ups and downs as most solopreneurs. I know the worries, disappointments and hours we've all put into building our businesses. It took me a long time to get to a stable, enjoyable place in my business and my life.

The irony is that, collectively, we know a lot about building businesses, and there's really no reason why we should struggle so much.

So I've made it my mission to help other solopreneurs be successful faster.

I'm doing this the best way I know how—by creating structure, understanding and systems. My way of doing things is not for everyone (none of us are for everyone), but if you like calm, thoughtful and systematic approaches to solving problems, I think you will like what you see here.

My background

I've always had a love for systems and technology. Looking back over my professional career, I've gone through 3 stages, each of which (now that I think of it) contributed to SoloBOSS.

Stage 1: The tech nerd
My early career was in software development. This is where I learnt the arcane skills of database and systems design, developed software systems, and got to travel the world helping install some of the world's first digital TV delivery systems.

Stage 2: The CEO
In the 2000's I was a CEO twice. The first was a turnaround, the second a boutique consulting firm. The businesses did 7- or 8-figure revenues, and I was fortunate to have some incredible mentors and teams. What I know about business today is thanks to these people.

Stage 3: The Solopreneur
Like most solopreneurs, I started my solo consulting career over a decade ago with a "whale" client. Walking away from that reliable, regular income was hard, but I eventually built a nice little consulting business helping small businesses build highly engaged teams.

The hard lessons
The hardest lesson was working so hard that I neglected my family, resulting in a divorce with two small children. It took me years, but I now live with the guiding principle that life, family and health comes first, business second.

I also learnt that building a solopreneur business is really, really hard. You don't know what you don't know, and there's so much advice, systems and tools out there we all get overwhelmed, running from one promising "solve all your problems" system or tool to the next.

These skills and experience (good and bad) helped me build SoloBOSS, and evolve the philosophy that supports it all.

The philosophy

There are some things close to my heart I think you may find insightful. In no particular order:

Make meaning
If each of us can make a little difference for the better ("meaning"), the world will be a better place. My purpose here is to help more solopreneurs be successful.

The principle of sufficiency
We don't all want a yacht. Or a private jet. Or thousands of minions. We just want enough to be happy, safe and secure.

There's enough for everyone
We don't need to crush the competition to be successful. There's more than enough for everyone.

Life, family and health before business
A successful business is meaningless if you can't enjoy your life, leave your family in the lurch or if you have to trade your health for success.

How we treat others defines who we are
I don't care about your religion, politics, gender, age, or anything else that distinguishes you from others. What matters is how you treat others.

If you still have questions about SoloBOSS, let me know.

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