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Tornado Roadmap Intro Course

It’s what happens after marketing that determines whether they buy or not.

That’s just one of the things you will learn in the Tornado Roadmap—and in this free intro course.

Get an inside look at how the Tornado Roadmap works, and:

  • Assess your business foundation (it’s what makes the difference between success and struggle).
  • Define your Positioning Statement to see how well you express what you do.
  • Design a VIP Customer Journey (because it’s what happens after marketing that determines if they buy or not).
  • Get more done in less time with the Minimalist Productivity Framework.
If you deliver a service to your clients (and you want to build a better business faster), you’re in the right place.

And there’s no commitment and no hard sales either—by working through this intro course, you will make progress in your business, and that will tell you if the Tornado Roadmap is right for you.

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