The Accomplished Solopreneur

Issue 22.52

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Happy holidays

This past Wednesday I did my annual strategy session - but this time with a difference.

Until last year, I’ve done this exercise alone. But this year I did it with Michael and Carrie, long-time friends, past colleagues and members of our weekly mastermind.

And it was brilliant.

I previously wrote about how to run your own strategy day here, so I won’t repeat the process. We followed the format pretty closely, but didn’t do actual financials.

But one thing stood out above everything else

The one thing that all three of us had up on our lists is to have more fun. And I don’t mean just fun in the sense of vacations or hobbies (that too), but actually having fun doing what we’re doing.

As we draw 2022 to a close, I would like to leave you with the same message:

Chasing goals is great, but don’t think you will only be happy when you get there. Enjoy the journey. Take a moment each day to start with joy, and end each day with a celebration of the good stuff.

I’m fortunate that I love what I do. But I can get so tied up in solving problems and worrying about stuff I still need to do that I sometimes forget that I had fun. So if there’s one resolution I have for 2023, it’s to take a moment to savour life every day (thanks John for the continuous reminder).

A last thought for the year

I started this newsletter in July this year (issue 22.28). This will be the 25th newsletter this year, and next year will see another 50 or so being added. When I look back at this journey, it’s been fun - but I also realize the power of small steps.

It’s the small things you do every day, every week and every month that gets you to where you want to go.

So if you do the usual new year’s resolutions, have fun doing it. But always remember that just setting a goal won’t magically inspire you to get stuff done.

Set your goals, by all means. But focus on the things you need to do every day, week or month to get you where you want to be.

And above all, enjoy the journey.

This is my last newsletter of the year

I’m taking a break and will be back in January. At that time I will still be travelling, but I’ve actually really enjoyed this weekly newsletter so it will be continuing in 2023.

Thank you for all your support and comments throughout the year. It’s knowing that I’m making a difference that keeps me on track and gives me joy.

Enjoy the holidays, and I wish you the very best for 2023.