Stop losing leads because you’re not top of mind when they’re ready to start

Share your wisdom, build trust, and stay top of mind with all your coaching leads in just 2 hours a month

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Chasing leads for your coaching business is not a good use of your time

You spend a lot of time marketing to generate leads for your coaching business. And then, on top of that, you have to spend a lot of time following up with them.

But as you already know, most of those leads don’t turn into coaching clients:

  • they’re not ready to start right now
  • they aren’t sure it’s right for them
  • it seems expensive
  • or they were just curious about something you said (and will probably never be a client)

So is all that follow-up time wasted? No, because:

  • you need to build trust before they will buy anyway
  • they need to see how you’ve helped others (so they can see how it can work for them)
  • they need time to justify the investment

And most importantly:

  • they need to remember you when they’re ready to start.
But how do you do that without spending endless hours on social media, writing individual emails, and free intro sessions with leads that aren’t serious?
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Your leads are valuable. So is your time.

Imagine you could:

  • stay top of mind (so they remember you when they’re ready to start)
  • build trust by sharing your wisdom
  • share how you’ve helped others (giving them confidence it will work for them)
  • and get them to come to you when they're ready

...all in just a couple of hours a month?

Automated Lead Nurturing for Coaches

A packaged system to remove the drudgery of chasing leads.
  • Designed and built by a coach for coaches. I designed and built it myself. I've done my share of executive coaching (and still coach select clients) so I know what coaching—and the business of coaching—is about.
  • All the heavy lifting (technical stuff) has been done for you. I’m also a systems developer by background (yes, a geek) so I know how to make systems sing.

There will eventually be two versions of this program: Do It Yourself (DIY) and Done For You (DFY). While I'm running the beta program, only the DFY version will be available.

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Automating your lead nurturing gives you 3 big wins:
Number 1

Zero time nurturing your leads

All that time you used to spend on lead nurturing can now be spent on more valuable things. Like marketing to generate even more leads. Or providing an even better experience to your clients. Or spending time with your family.

Number 2

They get a better experience

They hear from you regularly. They get to see how others have benefited from working with you. And you can share your wisdom, building trust that working with you is not a luxury—it’s essential to their success.

Number 3

They come to you when they’re ready

Best of all, you don’t have to keep chasing them to hear if they’re ready to work with you yet. The invitation is always there—they come to you when they’re ready. You can even give them an incentive to make it happen now.

And oh yes - that couple of hours a month?
Even automated systems can do with a bit of maintenance.

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How it works

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Automated Lead Nurturing for Coaches is built on ConvertKit, an email marketing automation platform. I’ve designed and pre-packaged all the elements so you don’t have to learn Yet Another System (yes, that’s YAS!).

If you're even a little bit technically minded, you can implement it yourself. Or I can do it for you.

You're unique, so there's some customization involved. Your voice, your particular techniques, products and services. Clear instructions including examples and best practices show you how to do this (or I can help).

Once the system is up and running, all of your manual lead nurturing is replaced by strategically crafted and timed emails.

Why email?

Email is simply the best way to stay in touch, build trust, nurture your leads and be top of mind when they’re ready to buy.

All of the research and statistics prove it. You're way more likely to read an email than see a post on a social media platform. Or take a call from someone who wants to take your money. Emails come directly to your inbox, and you read it when you're good and ready.

And no, you won't be bothering people with unwanted emails. They give you permission to send them emails, and they can opt out at any time.

Give them a reason to read your emails (valuable or insightful content), and you keep building trust—and stay top of mind.

If you’re not already convinced about email as a lead nurturing tool, [read this article].

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Getting leads into your list

There are 3 ways people get into your list:

  • They download a freebie from your website (lead magnet)
  • They attend a webinar or event
  • You add them manually (with their permission, of course)

All three methods are built into the system; you decide which you want to implement.

Nurturing your leads

Once they’re in your list, your leads will get:

  • A sequence of emails thanking them for downloading the lead magnet / attending the event / explaining why they were added manually, followed by
  • a follow-up sequence to make the most of the lead magnet / event / what you promised to send them, followed by
  • an evergreen lead nurturing sequence where you provide them with helpful advice, share success stories, answer frequently asked questions (even before they ask!) and showcase your work.

The evergreen lead nurturing sequence is designed to deliver the first few emails quickly. They’ve just joined and are interested in what you have to offer, so we follow up appropriately. If they don’t respond, the emails get less and less frequent—but they are still reminded that you’re around. Months and even years after they first connected with you.

Every email includes a Call To Action (CTA) to book a discovery session with you. When they’re ready, they will reach out to you.
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What happens when they reach out?

Most coaches offer a free discovery session or meeting. When they reach out to schedule that session, you probably want to pause your evergreen nurturing sequence (they’ve now become a “hot” lead). There are two ways to do this:

  • Manually: quick and easy, I will show you how.
  • Automatically: if you’re a little more technically minded, I will show you how to integrate your calendar booking system with ConvertKit to automatically pause the evergreen sequence.

And as a bonus, there’s also a semi-automated sequence to sign them up and get payment.

What happens when they go cold again?

Add them back into your evergreen nurturing sequence. When they’re ready to talk, booking a call is just a click away.

Who this is for

Automated Lead Nurturing for Coaches is designed specifically for coaches.

(We know this because it says so in the name).

You can be a life coach, a business coach, an executive coach—anyone who coaches individuals or teams to perform better. You can be a seasoned coach or just starting out. You can be charging $100 per hour or $1,000.

If you're a coach, and you want to spend less time chasing leads (and give them a better experience of who you are and what you do), Automated Lead Nurturing for Coaches is for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to write a lot of emails?

A good follow-up sequence followed by a year's worth of high-quality lead nurturing will have 20-30 emails. BUT: you write them once (for all your leads). Some are quite short. All the others are about stuff you know about (so they're easy to write). And I provide tons of guidance and examples. (And help if you need it.)

Will this get me more leads?

No. Marketing gets you leads; lead nurturing is what happens after you got the lead. You will still have to do marketing to get leads, but all the work you used to do to nurture them will now be automated.

Can I import my existing leads?

Yes, this is part of the setup process.

Will this work with my CRM or email marketing system?

In short, no. The principles can be applied to any CRM or email marketing system, but the program has been designed to work with ConvertKit. I may create versions for other systems in future.

What support do you provide?

In the beta program (which is running now), my job is to implement the system and make sure it works seamlessly for you. Once it's implemented, I'm just an email away for ad-hoc questions. I'm looking at additional support options if you need more help.

Is there a guarantee?

I can't guarantee the results, but if you don't like it, let me know within 30 days and I will refund your full purchase price.

How long does it take to implement?

To be determined. Check out the beta program details below for more information.

How to get started

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