Automated Lead Nurturing for Coaches

Beta Program
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How the system works

In principle, the system is quite simple:

How the system works (in principle). Click for a larger image.

There are four ways we can get new leads:

  • when they download a lead magnet
  • when they attend an event we host
  • when they book a meeting with you
  • when we add them manually.

In each case, we’re going to follow up appropriately, and after that add them to our evergreen email nurturing sequence.

Why is this effective?

Every time a lead connects with you (in one of the four ways above), you have the opportunity to impress them.

  • If you do this well, they will remain a lead and potentially turn into a client.
  • If you don’t do this well, you’ve lost them forever.

By automating the follow-ups, we ensure that we always follow up appropriately, and we can put time and effort into making sure that they get the best we have to offer.

And of course automating all of this means you don’t have to follow up manually.

But won’t this look automated?

We use a number of techniques to provide value without looking automated:

  • Emails are personalized. At the very least, we will address each recipient by their first name. We can even speak to them about their business or situation specifically (I will show you how to do this).
  • Always provide value. They are more likely to read emails that are actually of value to them. I will show you how to do this.
  • No spam talk. I review and edit each email you draft to ensure we don’t revert to sales or spammy talk.

To some extent, we can’t avoid the fact that these emails are automated. They are. But using the right language and always providing value avoids most of the obvious signs.

Now it gets technical

While the system is (in principle) simple, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make it all work.

Depending on how comfortable you are with technology, you may want to dive into the details. If you’re not—don’t worry, I will take care of this for you.

Here’s just one example of what really happens behind the scenes when someone download a lead magnet from your website.

The details behind downloading a lead magnet. Click for a larger image.

In this example, download a lead magnet consists of two big parts:

  • Downloading the lead magnet: to make this work, there's a form or landing page, an incentive email (to confirm their email address) and of course the lead magnet itself.
  • The appropriate follow-up sequence is actually a ConvertKit automation. An automation is like a software program—it does a number of things including making decisions. In this case, we're going to remember how they joined, and add them to the appropriate follow-up and nurturing sequences.

If you're interested in how this works, or even maintaining the system yourself, I will show you how to do it. If not, I will take care of it for you.